Maximum (6488) Online Safety Pledges Taken By Power Line Workers

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Maximum (6488) Online Safety Pledges Taken By Power Line Workers

Maximum (6488) Online Safety Pledges Taken By Power Line Workers has entered into Bravo International Book Of World Record


Team BRPL celebrates the 51st National Safety Week with Enthusiasm

Committed to 100%  safety, Team BRPL celebrated the 51st National Safety Week (March 4-10) with a lot of enthusiasm at 26 locations, including EHV, MMG, and Workshops. Besides taking the ‘Safety Pledge’ and reaffirming their commitment to 100% safety, over 1900 employees & associates attended ‘Safety Workshops’, while following Covid Safety Protocols.

To motivate the participants, senior company officials, Including BRPL CEO Mr. Rajesh Bansal, HNO Mr. Sheshadri Krishnapura and Head O&M Mr. CM Sharma Head (O&M) Visited many places. Moreover, for the first an online portal was created, wherein-6500 employees (and associates) took the Safety pledges.

During the week, meritorious workers (Linemen, ALM & Fitters) in each division were also awarded for their outstanding achievements in the realm of safety. At all locations , Onsite safety Quiz competitions were conducted with On-the-spot results.

Moreover, a special public awareness safety drive (through pre-recorded messages) was also undertaken in HVDS areas. At many of the locations, the medical team led by headed by Dr. Seema Shahi and Dr. Anil Sukhwani addressed the audience and demonstrated about first aid and emergency preparedness. Team Bravo International congratulates Mr. Sanjay Garg and everyone who has contributed into this remarkable journey.

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