Anny Amrutha Maria

Circuit Solo Ride Expedition of 8100 KMs For Social Awareness – Say No To Drug Abuse 

A thrilling journey with Anny Amrutha Maria, born on December 10, 1985, in the bustling city of Bangalore, Karnataka, India. As a woman entrepreneur and proud member of the Bangalore Bikers Group, Anny achieved a ground breaking feat – becoming the first female solo bike rider on a Royal Enfield Meteor 350. Her circuit solo […]

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Trained Highest No.OF High School Students To How To Face Exam Stress and Get Inspiration to Write Exams Confidently 

How To Face Exams without Stress, Fear and Get Inspired to Write Exams Confidently Subheading: The Inspiring Journey of Mr. Nandeesh B B Shettar, Setting Records and Empowering Students In the bustling state of Karnataka, one man has made an indelible mark on the education landscape, transforming the lives of numerous students and breaking records […]

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Anvi Zanzarukia – The Rubber Girl of India

Introduction Welcome to Bravo World Record, where we celebrate exceptional individuals who have pushed the boundaries of human achievement. In our spotlight today is Anvi Zanzarukia, the inspiring young yogi who has earned the title of “The Rubber Girl of India.” Anvi’s remarkable journey is a testament to the human spirit’s ability to overcome challenges […]

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Dazzling Prowess Youngest Mastermind to Conquer 80 Different Types of Rubik’s Cubes

Master Surya Hariprasad Welcome to Bravo World Records, where we salute outstanding accomplishments that reflect the incredible capabilities of individuals. Today, we’re thrilled to introduce a remarkable young talent who has set a new benchmark – the “Youngest to Solve 80 Different Types of Rubik’s Cubes.” Rubik’s Cubes are renowned for their intricate puzzles and […]

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Only Journalist In The World To Score a Century of Blood Donation

Mr. Dilip Kothawade Mr. Dilip Kothawade from Nashik, Maharashtra, India has become world’s first Journalist who donate his blood for more then 100 times, yes, His dedication is amazing and he did is consistently for decades. He has received the Bravo International Book OF World Record with the hands of Deputy Chief Minister Mr. Devendra […]

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Recalling Most Number of Mobile (Phone) Numbers

Dr. Raviprasad Sajjan M. Dr. Raviprasad Sajjan M., is a memory wizard, a human computer, a man with a trained mind who can memorize numerous numbers in short span of time. Dr. Raviprasad Sajjan M. from Sirsi, Karnataka, India, got nominated for Bravo International Book Of World Record for “Recalling Most Number of Mobile (Phone) […]

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Most Accolades Achieved by the Youngest Achiever of India

Master Arnav Nigam Master Arnav Nigam from Mumbai, has received more than 650 accolades in the form of Certificates, Medals, Trophies, and Merit Honors, for his Brilliant, remarkable performance and outstanding achievements by participating in various National and International competitions. He achieved world rank 1 in Avogadro chemistry by Water Loo University, World mathematical competitions, […]

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