Most Online Chess Tournament Played In 2 Months

Miss Upasana Sarma Internet brought many wonderful opportunities for this generation, Many are taking advantage of it, During Pandemic us of Online Platform has tremendously increased. Miss Upasana from Nalbari, State of Assam, India is one of the beneficiaries of this Internet era. She received an appreciation from BravoInternational Book Of World Record’s Asian Sub […]

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Maximum Blood Donations By an Individual

Sant Shree Kamal Kishore Jee is a religion-conscious devotee and a selfless Guru of many. He has devoted His life to spreading the knowledge of the self, soul, and supreme soul, from the creation of the universe to the evolution of emotional beings i.e. humans, animals, and plants. Irrespective of cast, creed, religion, status, boundaries, […]

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One Most Qualified Person With More Than 23 Degrees & Diplomas

Bhagwan Lal Learning was their passion for him since his childhood, and his passion leads him to acquire more and more knowledge, his passion designed his life. And eventually, he got the title of ‘One Most Qualified Person’ with more than 23 Degrees and Diplomas to his credit. We are talking about Mr. Bhagwan Lal from Pali, […]

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World Largest Reverse Anthology

Rachit YadavRachit Yadav from Kanpur entered into World Record with a title of ‘World Largest Reverse Anthology’Basically from Kanpur, State of Uttar Pradesh, India. He has compiled an anthology, infact a World’s Largest Reverse Anthology. Almost 800+ participants shared their write-ups into it in reverse order. Team Bravo International congratulates him for his nomination for […]

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