bravo-Madhu Joshi

Tallest Drecena Messangiana Plant

Madhu Joshi The ‘Tallest Drecena Messangiana Plant’ has been raised by Mr. Madhu Joshi of Dharwad, Karnataka, India. His effort has been recognized and published as the ‘Tallest Drecena Messangiana Plant’ by Bravo International Book Of World Records.. Something about the Dracaena Messangiana Plant Dracaena Messangiana belongs to the dragon plant family, and its complete scientific name, D. […]

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Fastest Tie Knot In The World (5 Seconds)

Master Nakshtra Kulshrestha from Raipur, State of Chhattisgarh, India has performed an Official World Record Attempt in the Month of March 2022. He has tied a Knot in just 5 Seconds, which is the fastest in this world. Team Bravo International, after observing the entire evidence submitted by guardians of Master Nakshtra Kulshreshta Officially announces […]

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Youngest to Recall Different Species Of Dinosaurs in Alphabetical

Master D Harekrishna Patro Master D Harekrishna Patro from Berhampur, State of Odisha got nominated for Bravo International Book Of World Record for ‘Youngest to Recall Different Species Of Dinosaurs in Alphabetical (Ascending Order). He is the youngest to accomplish this feat. Team Bravo Congratulates his parents on this remarkable achievement. Download QR

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Most Certificate Achieved by an Individual in Just 37 Days (37 Days 672 Certificates)

A Trainer From Heart And An Educator From Soul, Wazman is From Saharanpur, State Of Uttar Pradesh, He is a Counselor at Jamiat Youth Club, Saharanpur, Uttar radish. Got Appreciated With An Official Entry Into Bravo International Book Of World Record For ‘Most Certificate Achieved By An Individual In Just 37 Days. Wazman Has Achieved […]

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