Contribution To The Betterment Of Elephant Conservation

Big Ears, Small Whispers!Mr. Anand Shinde is selected by Bravo International Book of World Records. The organization rewarded Anand for his work in wildlife protection, especially for elephants. He is the man who not just talk to them, he communicates with them. From a photojournalist to ‘The elephant Whisperer’, the life journey of Anand Shinde […]

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Recalling Most Number of Mobile (Phone) Numbers

Dr. Raviprasad Sajjan M. Dr. Raviprasad Sajjan M., is a memory wizard, a human computer, a man with a trained mind who can memorize numerous numbers in short span of time. Dr. Raviprasad Sajjan M. from Sirsi, Karnataka, India, got nominated for Bravo International Book Of World Record for “Recalling Most Number of Mobile (Phone) […]

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Maximum Research Paper Books & Article Are Published On Multiple Technologies

Mr. Soumyaranjan Das Mr. Soumyaranjan Das Has Published Paper (Impact Factor-4.06) In “International Journal For Scientific Research And Development” (Impact Factor-4.396). * Another Research Paper Published In “International Journal Of Innovative Research In Computer And Communication Engineering” (Impact Factor-7.194). He Has Published 4 Books Such That- 1. The Technologies Of The Future. 2. Technology The […]

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Rishav Banerjee


Rishav Banerjee The 1st Indo-Russian Edition “THE SILICON AGE OF LITERATURE” is an outstanding International book assembled by the well-known International Author & International LGBTQQIP2SA+ Activist Rishav Banerjee in partnership with prominent International figure Alexander Kabishev from Saint Petersburg, Russia. The Silicon age of literature? What’s it? This is a period in history, culture and […]

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51 Habits Of Highly Successful People By Francis Dcosta

Dr. Francis Dcosta Dr. Francis Dcosta from Mumbai is an established author. Has Written a book called ‘51 Habits Of Highly Successful People’. He has completed the book in just 3 days without taking a break. During the making of this book author was suffering from Covid like symptoms. He realized that keeping positive mindset […]

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