Maximum Research Paper Books & Article Are Published On Multiple Technologies

Achievers Awareness Education Extra Ordinary Skills

Mr. Soumyaranjan Das

Mr. Soumyaranjan Das Has Published Paper (Impact Factor-4.06) In “International Journal For Scientific Research And Development” (Impact Factor-4.396). * Another Research Paper Published In “International Journal Of Innovative Research In Computer And Communication Engineering” (Impact Factor-7.194).

He Has Published 4 Books Such That-

1. The Technologies Of The Future.

2. Technology The Perfection And Beyond.

3. Technology Which Change Our Future.

4. The Unknown Technologies.

He Has Published More Than 250 Articles For Awareness People And Students In The Field Of Science And Technology, On His Official Website Www.Myblogtuna.Blogspot.Com .

Five Magazine Topics Have Been Published In “Science Horizon” Journal Government Of Odisha. He Also Certified From Nasa(Officially) In The Field Of “Modis To Viirs Transition For Air Quality Application.

Last But Not Least He Is Certified From Isro (Officially) In The Field Of Satellite Photogrammetry And Its Application.

Participating In A Research Study On Framework And Strategies To Sustain Autonomy By National Institute Of Technical Teachers Training And Research, Bhopal, Have Participated As A Reviewer In ” Soft Computing Research Society, And As A Member Of The Institute For Engineering Research And Publication Society.

Mr. Soumyaranjan Das Got Nominated For Maximum Research Paper, Books And Article Are Published On Multiple Technologies

Team Bravo International Congratulates Him For His Achievement.

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