Ms. Puspanjali Das

Solving Five Different  Types  Cube  in just 3 Minutes & 27 Seconds

Ms. Puspanjali Das has astounded the world with her remarkable talent for solving five different types of cubes in just 3 minutes and 27 seconds. Her exceptional speed and accuracy in solving these challenging puzzles have earned her an official entry into the Bravo International Book Of World Records. Das’s achievement showcases her dedication, mental […]

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Devaansh Suprur

Miracle Boy and Memory Wizard 2020

Devaansh Suprur, acclaimed as the Miracle Boy and Memory Wizard of 2020, has secured an official entry into the Bravo International Book Of World Records. His extraordinary abilities and remarkable memory prowess have astounded experts and garnered global recognition. Suprur’s unique talent transcends boundaries, captivating audiences worldwide with his astounding feats of memory. His entry […]

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Young Multi-Talented Kid Identifying Tables Numbers up to Millions & Country Flags

Welcome to the remarkable world of Master Jiyaan Lamba, a prodigious 3-year-old hailing from the vibrant city of Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. This young genius has achieved an incredible feat by securing an Official Entry into the esteemed Bravo International Book Of World Records. Master Jiyaan Lamba has been recognized for his exceptional talent in […]

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Anvi Zanzarukia – The Rubber Girl of India

Introduction Welcome to Bravo World Record, where we celebrate exceptional individuals who have pushed the boundaries of human achievement. In our spotlight today is Anvi Zanzarukia, the inspiring young yogi who has earned the title of “The Rubber Girl of India.” Anvi’s remarkable journey is a testament to the human spirit’s ability to overcome challenges […]

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Dazzling Prowess Youngest Mastermind to Conquer 80 Different Types of Rubik’s Cubes

Master Surya Hariprasad Welcome to Bravo World Records, where we salute outstanding accomplishments that reflect the incredible capabilities of individuals. Today, we’re thrilled to introduce a remarkable young talent who has set a new benchmark – the “Youngest to Solve 80 Different Types of Rubik’s Cubes.” Rubik’s Cubes are renowned for their intricate puzzles and […]

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World’s Most Blood Donated By An Individual

Mahamandaleshwar Sant Kamal Kishore People are more aware of the importance of blood donation since Covid. The case study of Mahamandaleshwar Sant Kamal Kishore, on the other hand, is slightly different. He holds the world’s largest blood donation record. He has been donating blood on a regular basis since he was 18 years old. Blood […]

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Recalling Most Number of Mobile (Phone) Numbers

Dr. Raviprasad Sajjan M. Dr. Raviprasad Sajjan M., is a memory wizard, a human computer, a man with a trained mind who can memorize numerous numbers in short span of time. Dr. Raviprasad Sajjan M. from Sirsi, Karnataka, India, got nominated for Bravo International Book Of World Record for “Recalling Most Number of Mobile (Phone) […]

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Maximum Research Paper Books & Article Are Published On Multiple Technologies

Mr. Soumyaranjan Das Mr. Soumyaranjan Das Has Published Paper (Impact Factor-4.06) In “International Journal For Scientific Research And Development” (Impact Factor-4.396). * Another Research Paper Published In “International Journal Of Innovative Research In Computer And Communication Engineering” (Impact Factor-7.194). He Has Published 4 Books Such That- 1. The Technologies Of The Future. 2. Technology The […]

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