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Baby Vaani Rawal

Baby Vaani Rawal, 2 story books in a series which got published together on 28th January 2022 by Blue Rose Publications. My daughter was 10years and 352 days on that day. Names of her books are ‘Kathy’s 23 days of Christmas’ and ‘Kathy’s calling 5 elements of Christmas ‘ with ISBN numbers 978-93-93899-97-2 and 978-93-93899-52-1.

Baby Vaani Rawal is a talented and focused child, and she is multitalented as well. The 3rd book in the series is ongoing while she got nominated for Worlds most prestigious Bravo International Book Of World Records.

Team Bravo International congratulates Baby Vaani and her parents for excellent upbringing of their child. We hope more and more achievements for the young-one in near future.

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