First Poetry Book on Agricultural Main Cereal, Pulses, Oilseeds and Fodder Crops

Dr. Vijay Kumar Kaushik Dr. Vijay Kumar Kaushik from Karnal, State of Haryana, India, is a Senior Research Scientist mainly focuses on agriculture from KVK Karnal Of CCS Haryana Agricultural University, Hisar, Haryana (India). His book has got entered into Bravo International Book Of World Record which is first ever poetry book ‘Krishi Kavya Dhara’ […]

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Rishav Banerjee


Rishav Banerjee The 1st Indo-Russian Edition “THE SILICON AGE OF LITERATURE” is an outstanding International book assembled by the well-known International Author & International LGBTQQIP2SA+ Activist Rishav Banerjee in partnership with prominent International figure Alexander Kabishev from Saint Petersburg, Russia. The Silicon age of literature? What’s it? This is a period in history, culture and […]

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Season’s of Heart is a Valentine Special Anthology

Raghav Chaouhan Mr. Raghav Chaouhan from Uttar Pradesh, India got appreciation for his unique Anthology on this valentine day, ‘Season’s of Heart is a Valentine Special Anthology’, the uniqueness of it is all poems are set in Acrostic Style on word VALENTINE. Season’s of Heart is a Valentine special anthology. In which, all poems are […]

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