Longest Duration To Perform Nunchaku Single Hand End-To-End Swap Rotation 

Arooj K. Arooj K. from Thiruvananthapuram, State Of Kerala, India has performed remarkable ‘780 Nunchaku (Karate Stick) single hand End-To-End Swap Rotations in Continuation for 15 Minutes’. This is Phenomenal!  Bravo International recognized his feat and honored him with an Official Entry into the Bravo International Book Of World Records.  Team Bravo International Congratulates him […]

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Health & Wellness Awareness On Lifestyle Disorders 

Dr. Manoj Kumar Sahoo  Leadership is the most crucial asset of any country, and Dr. Manoj Kumar Sahoo from Odisha is India s one of the leading Leadership and wellness couch.  He is a Wellness Awareness Ambassador for health and wellness awareness on Lifestyle Disorders.  His work is spread over many states of India and […]

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Collected 200+ Educational Certificates From Various Universities College’s of India From Various Streams 

Miss Monika Baradia  Miss Monika Baradia from Mumbai, Maharashtra, India is keen to learn, She has bagged 200+ Educational Certificates from various Universities, Colleges of India for a diversified field of expertise.  Her Unique ability to learn a different genre of knowledge and her capacity to learn it quickly has made her able to apply […]

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Visually Challenged Climbs Lingana Fort & Vazir Pinnacle 

Mr. Sagar Bodke, from Nashik, Maharashtra, India, is a Vision Challenged individual who has entered his name twice in the Bravo International Book Of World Records, once when he climbed Lingana Fort (on 14 February 2021), and again when he climbed Vazir Pinnacle (31st Dec 2020). Please keep in mind that Lingana Fort is nearly […]

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Most Certificates achieved by a person in the span of 1 month in Malay and English 

Muhammad Isyraf Firdaus Bin Hassim from Malaysia has been nominated for Most Certificates achieved by a person in the span of 1 month in Malay and English. He Has Achieved 53 High-Level Certificates “State, National, And International” In Just 1 Month (June 2021) ( Certificates In Malay & English)  Team Bravo International Congratulates him for […]

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Extraordinary Memory Skills & Grasping Power @ the age of 1 year and 9 Months 

Raavika Malhotra  Baby Raavika Malhotra from Noida, State of Uttar Pradesh, India Got Appreciated for showing Extraordinary Memory Skills and Grasping power at the young age of 1 year and 9 months. Can Identify 20 Fruits, 15 Vegetables, 10 Birds, 10 Cartoon Characters, 10 Vehicles, 7 Colors, Tell Names Of 20 Body Parts, Tell Names […]

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