Chef. AP. Singh

Setting the Record with a Whopping 1009kg Solo Ladoo!

Chef. AP. Singh, a culinary maestro who has left a sweet legacy with his extraordinary creation. Setting the record with a whopping 1009kg solo ladoo, he has redefined the boundaries of confectionary artistry. Chef. AP. Singh’s remarkable achievement has earned him an official entry into the esteemed Bravo International Book Of World Records. Through his […]

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Radhik Gupta

Early Learning Fun: Flashcards for Recognizing Body Parts and Following Instructions At The Age Of Less Than One

Meet Master Radhik Gupta, a prodigious learner who defies age barriers with his early educational milestones. At less than one year old, he showcases remarkable cognitive abilities through his engagement with flashcards, recognizing body parts and following instructions with enthusiasm. Radhik’s exceptional achievement has earned him an official entry into the esteemed Bravo International Book […]

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Daksha Rajeshkumar Udhani

Co-Authored 60+ Anthologies And Complied 4 Anthologies In Just 10 Month

Ms. Daksha Rajeshkumar Udhani has left an indelible mark in the literary world by co-authoring over 60 anthologies and compiling four anthologies in a mere 10 months. Her prolific output and dedication to the craft of writing are truly commendable, showcasing her passion and creativity. With each anthology, she weaves stories that captivate readers and […]

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Dinkar Dhruwalal Patil

First Person to Complete Unsupported Solo Cycle Ride From Godavari – Nashik to Ganga- Haridwar

Dinkar Dhruwalal Patil has etched his name in history as the first person to accomplish an unsupported solo cycle ride from the sacred Godavari in Nashik to the revered Ganga in Haridwar. Covering this arduous journey solo and unsupported is a testament to his unmatched determination, endurance, and adventurous spirit. Patil’s remarkable feat has earned […]

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Pinaki Narayan Moitra

Humanitarian Efforts through TAEKWONDO

Dr. Pinaki Narayan Moitra has exemplified the true essence of humanitarianism through his profound contributions in the field of Taekwondo. His relentless efforts in utilizing Taekwondo as a tool for social change have touched countless lives. Dr. Moitra’s dedication towards promoting physical fitness, self-defense, and character development has earned him widespread recognition. His innovative approach […]

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Harsahil Agarwal

Silent Covid Warrior (JuniorCategory)

Harsahil Agarwal emerges as a beacon of hope during the COVID-19 pandemic, silently but effectively contributing to the cause. Despite being in the junior category, his impactful efforts in combating the crisis have not gone unnoticed. Harsahil’s dedication and selflessness have earned him the title of a Silent Covid Warrior. His significant contributions have been […]

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Zarco Jankovic

He broke 82 plates in 9.74 seconds

Mr. Zarco Jankovic has achieved a remarkable feat by breaking 82 plates in just 9.74 seconds, showcasing incredible speed and precision. His extraordinary talent and skill have earned him recognition in the esteemed Bravo International Book Of World Records. This record-breaking achievement not only highlights Mr. Jankovic’s exceptional abilities but also demonstrates the power of […]

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Imtyaz ahmed

First Person Nominated for’Social Journalism

Mr. Imtiyaz Ahmed has broken new ground as the first person nominated for ‘Social Journalism,’ a recognition of his pioneering work in the field. Through his dedication and commitment to social journalism, Mr. Imtiyaz Ahmed has shed light on important societal issues, amplifying voices that often go unheard. His innovative approach and impactful storytelling have […]

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Sunil Parasharam Konewadkar

A Strong Man Award winner, Senior Asian Power lifting

Mr. Sunil Parasharam Konewadkar has exemplified strength and prowess in the realm of powerlifting, earning the prestigious title of “A Strong Man Award winner” and Senior Asian Powerlifting champion. His remarkable achievements in the field of powerlifting have earned him admiration and respect from peers and enthusiasts alike. Now, Mr. Sunil Parasharam Konewadkar’s extraordinary accomplishments […]

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