Dr. Raunaque Sidana

Yoga Excellence Unveiled:  Dr. Raunaque’s Yoga, Achieves 100% Success In Winning International Yoga Competition In The Calendar Year 2023

Dr. Raunaque Sidana, born on August 12, 1967, in the vibrant Malad City, Mumbai, India. Dr. Sidana’s mastery in yoga reached unprecedented heights in the calendar year 2023, as he achieved 100% success in winning an international yoga competition. This extraordinary accomplishment has rightfully earned him a coveted spot in the prestigious Bravo International Book […]

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All India Solo Ride in 40 Days with a Social Cause

‘All India Solo Ride in 40 Days with a Social Cause’ Record Description: Kolkata, India’s Mr. Avijit Roy rode nonstop for 40 days, covering nearly 13 states and 8237 kilometers with the statement ‘Education is Our Right, and Stopping Child Labor is Our Fight.’ Team Bravo International Congratulates Mr. Avijit Roy for his official Entry […]

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Longest Duration To Perform Nunchaku Single Hand End-To-End Swap Rotation 

Arooj K. Arooj K. from Thiruvananthapuram, State Of Kerala, India has performed remarkable ‘780 Nunchaku (Karate Stick) single hand End-To-End Swap Rotations in Continuation for 15 Minutes’. This is Phenomenal!  Bravo International recognized his feat and honored him with an Official Entry into the Bravo International Book Of World Records.  Team Bravo International Congratulates him […]

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Blind Folded Makeup and Hairdresser Artist 

Miss S. Rama  Miss S. Rama from Chennai, is India’s most sought-after Bridal Makeup & Hairdresser Artist. She has performed this feat while keeping her eyes closed means Blindfolded in just 60 minutes. After thorough investigations and observing the evidence. Team Bravo International has finalized and honored her with the title ‘Blind Folded Makeup and Hairdresser […]

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