Mr. Vadada Rahul Patnaik

Fastest & Maximum Micro Art on Rice Grain in Minimum Time

Mr. Vadada Rahul Patnaik has achieved a remarkable feat by creating the fastest and maximum micro art on rice grains in record time. His unparalleled skill and precision in this delicate art form have earned him a prestigious entry into the Bravo International Book Of World Records. With meticulous attention to detail and exceptional dexterity, […]

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Rohit Jaiswal

Pinnacle of Artistry: Best in Art Crowned by Bravo International

Discover the innovative techniques of record-breaking artist Rohit Jaiswal, who was just recognized in the Bravo International Book of World Records (January 24). With a remarkable body of work that includes both moving portraits and enthralling landscapes, Rohit’s paintings transcend genre boundaries and transport viewers to a universe where every brushstroke has a distinct meaning. […]

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A Record-Breaking Journey of Finding the Divine in Annachya Kanakana Madhe Dev

Embark on a record-breaking journey with artist Sumit Akotkar as he unveils the divine within the confines of “Annachya Kanakana Madhe Dev” – a groundbreaking artistic exploration that has earned its place in the illustrious annals of Bravo World Records. Sumit Akotkar’s visionary work transcends conventional boundaries, inviting audiences to witness the fusion of creativity […]

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Smallest Sketch Portrait Of Lord Shiva

Welcome to Bravo International Book Of World Records, where extraordinary achievements find their place in history! Our platform celebrates the remarkable talents and accomplishments of individuals like Sumangal Roy, who has demonstrated unparalleled skill in creating awe-inspiring art. Sumangal Roy’s artistic prowess shines brightly in his smallest sketch portrait of Lord Shiva, a masterpiece that […]

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World’s Longest (2.6 km) Soap Bars Line

Dr. Santosh Kumar Rai – Officially Recognized for World’s Longest Soap Bars LineIntroduction: Dr. Santosh Kumar Rai, a remarkable individual hailing from Bhilai, in the state of Chhattisgarh, India, has achieved an extraordinary feat that has landed him a well-deserved place in the prestigious Bravo International Book of World Records. His remarkable accomplishment, titled “World’s […]

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Biggest Painting of Ancient Mahabharata Story Made by an Individual

Hema Trehan The Mahabharata is an ancient religious book that depicts the battle between truth and righteousness versus unfaithfulness and betrayal. Mahabharata has ruled over people’s minds and hearts for centuries. Many artists dared to draw the various events described in this book, but Miss Hema Trehan has a distinct style. She was awarded the […]

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Carved Mahatma Gandhi Idol on Pencil Lid

Dr. Nadipalli Ravi Kumar: The Pencil Lead Maestro Kumar’s artistic prowess transcends ordinary boundaries, earning him a well-deserved place in the Bravo International Book of World Records. Hailing as an exceptional artist with an unyielding dedication to celebrating eminent personalities, Dr. Kumar has showcased his unparalleled skills uniquely and astonishingly. His masterpiece stands as a […]

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