Biggest Painting of Ancient Mahabharata Story Made by an Individual

Hema Trehan The Mahabharata is an ancient religious book that depicts the battle between truth and righteousness versus unfaithfulness and betrayal. Mahabharata has ruled over people’s minds and hearts for centuries. Many artists dared to draw the various events described in this book, but Miss Hema Trehan has a distinct style. She was awarded the […]

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Carved Mahatma Gandhi Idol on Pencil Lid

Dr. Nadipalli Ravi Kumar: The Pencil Lead Maestro Kumar’s artistic prowess transcends ordinary boundaries, earning him a well-deserved place in the Bravo International Book of World Records. Hailing as an exceptional artist with an unyielding dedication to celebrating eminent personalities, Dr. Kumar has showcased his unparalleled skills in a unique and astonishing manner. His masterpiece […]

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First Patent and Honorary Doctorate in the World as a Craft Instructor in an Industrial Training Institute and Skill Development

Dr. Kiran P. Zarkar from Barshi, Maharashtra, India made the nation feel proud by making a World Record as the ‘First Patent and Honorary Doctorate Holder in the World as a Craft Instructor in Industrial Training Institute and Skill Development Institutes in the World’. He is dedicated to the upliftment of thethe student who is […]

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Bravo-S. Maheshraaja

Maximum Paintings Using Acrylic Paintings in 8, A3 Size Sheets

S. Maheshraaja A 10 years old S. Maheshraaja, from Port Blair, the capital of Andaman & Nicobar Islands of India got the limelight when he painted Maximum Paintings using acrylic painting style in just 8, A3 size Sheets. His work got nominated for Bravo International Book Of World Record’s Asian Sub-Continental Edition 2021. Team Bravo […]

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Youngest Memory Wizard (At The Age Of 17 Months)

Baby Anvvikka Sethi From Delhi, Is Just 17 Months Old With Phenomenal Memory Power. She Has Been Recognized For Her Skills To Memorize Fast And Recall Even Faster, Amazing! Team Bravo International Congratulates Her Parents Pratibha Sethi And Gaurhav Sethi For Such A Wonderful Upbringing. Anvvikka Sethi Can Identify And Recite Many Things Like 10+Fruits, […]

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