Patriotic Art on Coffee Froth

Art & Craft

Miss. Anuradha Arora
Art and artists are valuable assets to any country, and when we talk about out-of-the-box creativity, people like Miss Anuradha Arora from Jodhpur, Rajasthan, India come to mind.

You may have heard of her painting, or painting of a leaf, wood, canvas, or any other solid object, but she has developed the skill of drawing any given picture on hot coffee froth, yes, you read that correctly!

Miss Anuradha Arora is an artist who can draw any picture on coffee froth and she has been officially honored with Bravo International World Record for her ‘Patriotic Art of Coffee Froth’ on the day of 15th August 2022.

Team Bravo International congratulates her for Official Entry into Bravo International Book Of World Record 2023 Edition.

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