Asia’s First Biker Couple to Complete Entire North-East Regional States of India

Swarnali Dhar and Indreneel Dhar Swarnali and Indraneel Dhar, a dynamic couple hailing from Dhanbad, Jharkhand, India, have etched their names in history by becoming ‘Asia’s First Biker Couple’ to conquer the entire North-East regional states on a thrilling bike expedition. From April 9th to June 2nd, 2023, the adventurous duo embarked on an awe-inspiring […]

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Trained Highest No.OF High School Students To How To Face Exam Stress and Get Inspiration to Write Exams Confidently 

How To Face Exams without Stress, Fear and Get Inspired to Write Exams Confidently Subheading: The Inspiring Journey of Mr. Nandeesh B B Shettar, Setting Records and Empowering Students In the bustling state of Karnataka, one man has made an indelible mark on the education landscape, transforming the lives of numerous students and breaking records […]

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bravo-Master-Viran-H G

Incredible Memory Demonstration by 2 Years and 11 Months Old Child

Congratulations on your incredible success..! Our beloved son is appreciated and nominated for Bravo International Book of World Records Asian Subcontinental edition 2023 for ” Incredible Memory Demonstration by 2 Years 11 months old Child as Master VIRAN H G”.  Viran is able to recite and identified the names of the Countries’ flags- 54, Planets &Space-27, […]

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Completed Three phd’s in Three Consecutive Years From Three Different Universities

Dr. Lal Tanwani In an extraordinary display of academic prowess, Dr. Lal Tanwani has shattered records by successfully completing three PhDs within a span of just three consecutive years. This remarkable achievement has not only caught the attention of the academic community but also serves as an inspiration to aspiring scholars worldwide. Dr. Tanwani’s academic […]

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bravo- Surya-Hariprasad

Youngest to Solve 80 Different Types of Rubik’s Cubes

Master Surya Hariprasad, a twelve-year-old prodigy from Malaysia has made his mark in the world of Rubik’s Cube solving by setting the Authentic World Record for being the youngest person to solve 80 different types of Rubik’s Cubes. This remarkable achievement has earned him a coveted spot in the Prestigious Bravo International Book Of World […]

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Fastest Round Trip Motorcycle Expedition Across Indian Coastal States By a Couple

Tapas Paul Mr. Tapas Paul of Sarsona, Kolkata, India, and his wife are the first couple from Kolkata to complete the Fastest Round Trip on Motor Cycle Expedition Across India’s Coastal States. Team Bravo International Congratulates him and his wife for this wonderful achievement. Download QR

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An Advanced Study and Prediction of the Ruling of Viruses Along With Vaccine and Antibiotics Related to Covid 19 Pandemic

Dr. Proshanta Kumar Dutta from Assam, India has great foresight and has predicted the ruling of viruses along with vaccines and antibiotics related to Covid 19 Pandemic. He tried to inform to authorities, but he didn’t have that success. Sadly but many countries have paid a great price for this. Team Bravo International salutes his […]

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1500 Kilometres From Kolkata to Sikkim With The Message ‘Respect Transgender’

Mr. Sumon Biswas Transgender people have been marginalized in civilized society for centuries. Their gender has become a source of embarrassment. Mr. Sumon Biswas of Kolkata rode his two-wheeler 1500 kilometers from Kolkata to Sikkim with the message ‘Respect Transgender’. He is the first Indian from Kolkata to accomplish this feat. Team Prestigious Bravo International […]

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Fastest Wiggles Both the Ears For The 78 Times in Just 30 Seconds

Anil Kumar The Batman of India, Mr. Anil Kumar has entered into the Bravo International Book Of World Record Of ” The Fastest Wiggles Both Ears 78 Times In 30 Seconds”. The young man from Delhi has a great passion for acting and fine arts, and he desires to establish and break records on subjects […]

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