Dr. S. P. Sakthivel

Humanitarian Heights: Bravo International Salutes the Best in Social Work

Dr. S. P. Sakthivel, born on March 12, 1979, from Pudukkottai, Tamil Nadu, India. Renowned for his exceptional commitment to social welfare, Dr. Sakthivel has achieved official recognition in the Bravo International Book Of World Records. His tireless efforts and dedication in the field of social work have left an indelible mark, showcasing excellence in […]

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“Humanitarian Excellence Dr. Malayinkeezhu Preman’s Record in Social Work”

Welcome to Bravo World Records, where we honor those whose dedication to social work creates ripples of positive change. Meet the exemplary Dr. Malayinkeezhu Preman. V is recognized as the best in social work. His unwavering commitment to community welfare and humanitarian efforts has set a benchmark for altruism. Bravo World Records proudly acknowledges Dr. […]

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1500 Kilometres From Kolkata to Sikkim With The Message ‘Respect Transgender’

Mr. Sumon Biswas Transgender people have been marginalized in civilized society for centuries. Their gender has become a source of embarrassment. Mr. Sumon Biswas of Kolkata rode his two-wheeler 1500 kilometers from Kolkata to Sikkim with the message ‘Respect Transgender’. He is the first Indian from Kolkata to accomplish this feat. Team Prestigious Bravo International […]

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Socio-Rehabilitation works to cater needs of Cancer Patients

Mr. Harakhchand Savla Mr. Harakhchand Savla, Mumbai got the honor from Bravo International Book Of World Record-UAE for his Socio-Rehabilitation works to cater needs of cancer patients. Mr. Harakhchand Savla is a famous Social Worker with International repute. He has served patients with Cancer and their relatives for the past 4 decades. In fact, during […]

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All India Solo Ride in 40 Days with a Social Cause

‘All India Solo Ride in 40 Days with a Social Cause’ Record Description: Kolkata, India’s Mr. Avijit Roy rode nonstop for 40 days, covering nearly 13 states and 8237 kilometers with the statement ‘Education is Our Right, and Stopping Child Labor is Our Fight.’ Team Bravo International Congratulates Mr. Avijit Roy for his official Entry […]

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