Most Accolades Achieved by the Youngest Achiever of India

Master Arnav Nigam Master Arnav Nigam from Mumbai, has received more than 650 accolades in the form of Certificates, Medals, Trophies, and Merit Honors, for his Brilliant, remarkable performance and outstanding achievements by participating in various National and International competitions. He achieved world rank 1 in Avogadro chemistry by Water Loo University, World mathematical competitions, […]

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Socio-Rehabilitation works to cater needs of Cancer Patients

Mr. Harakhchand Savla Mr. Harakhchand Savla, Mumbai got the honor from Bravo International Book Of World Record-UAE for his Socio-Rehabilitation works to cater needs of cancer patients. Mr. Harakhchand Savla is a famous Social Worker with International repute. He has served patients with Cancer and their relatives for the past 4 decades. In fact, during […]

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