Most Accolades Achieved by the Youngest Achiever of India

Achievers Extra-Ordinary Achievement Kids

Master Arnav Nigam

Master Arnav Nigam from Mumbai, has received more than 650 accolades in the form of Certificates, Medals, Trophies, and Merit Honors, for his Brilliant, remarkable performance and outstanding achievements by participating in various National and International competitions.

He achieved world rank 1 in Avogadro chemistry by Water Loo University, World mathematical competitions, Hongkong International Math Olympiad, Singapore, American, Australian, and Russian math Olympiads, International Junior Math Olympiad, and other Asian and World Olympiads, bringing great honor to India. He won a gold medal in the Homi Bhabha Junior Scientist examination and was named “World Star – India” and “World Champion” in the Hong Kong International Math Olympiad. Two gold medals in the International Youth Math Championship and the Asia Math Olympiad. He received the Maharashtra and Goa Zone Academic Excellence Award five times.

Arnav has achieved amazing feats at a young age with hands-on multiple learning activities for his unparalleled mastery with versatile knowledge and cognitive skills to become a Renaissance Polymath – a child of wide knowledge and learning, carved his legacy as a “Junior Scientist”, “Mathematics Prodigy”, “World Champion”, “Exclusive Kid”, “World Star India” apart from other recognitions, mastered his will

For his outstanding performance in various International Olympiads organized by SIMCC Singapore, he is an active member of IJHS, Global SLC, Singapore (International Junior Honour Society, Scholastic Trust). He is a YALA Platinum Member (Young Achievers Leadership Academy, Scholastic Trust Singapore).

He has been equally involved in co-curricular activities such as chess, basketball, dance, drawing and painting, and hands-on experience with an Indian classical instrument “Tabla.” He has received awards in Handwriting and Quiz competitions. His extraordinary talent brought him many awards so far. Team Bravo International Proudly announces his Official Entry into the Bravo International Book Of World Records 2023.

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