Longest Cruising in India Visiting 1736 Places in the Shortest Time

Mr. Rohit Kumar – Embarking on an Epic Journey Across India Introduction: Meet Mr. Rohit Kumar, an adventurous soul hailing from the vibrant city of Kolkata, located in the state of West Bengal, India. His incredible determination and love for exploration have earned him a prestigious place in the esteemed Bravo International Book of World […]

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1500 Kilometres From Kolkata to Sikkim With The Message ‘Respect Transgender’

Mr. Sumon Biswas Transgender people have been marginalized in civilized society for centuries. Their gender has become a source of embarrassment. Mr. Sumon Biswas of Kolkata rode his two-wheeler 1500 kilometers from Kolkata to Sikkim with the message ‘Respect Transgender’. He is the first Indian from Kolkata to accomplish this feat. Team Prestigious Bravo International […]

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Duu K-2-K Bikeride (Kanyakumari to Kashmir) injust 105 Hours

Woman Empowerment is a hot and sizzling topic these days; everyone is talking about feminism, and while some think it is good, others think it is bad. Ms. Nandini Nagraj of Bangalore, Karnataka set the record for being the first and fastest to ride along Karnataka’s border roads while talkers were doing their favorite work […]

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All India Solo Ride in 40 Days with a Social Cause

‘All India Solo Ride in 40 Days with a Social Cause’ Record Description: Kolkata, India’s Mr. Avijit Roy rode nonstop for 40 days, covering nearly 13 states and 8237 kilometers with the statement ‘Education is Our Right, and Stopping Child Labor is Our Fight.’ Team Bravo International Congratulates Mr. Avijit Roy for his official Entry […]

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Visually Challenged Climbs Lingana Fort & Vazir Pinnacle 

Mr. Sagar Bodke, from Nashik, Maharashtra, India, is a Vision Challenged individual who has entered his name twice in the Bravo International Book Of World Records, once when he climbed Lingana Fort (on 14 February 2021), and again when he climbed Vazir Pinnacle (31st Dec 2020). Please keep in mind that Lingana Fort is nearly […]

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