Fastest English Alphabet Recitation A to Z Just in 1 second 10 Millisecond

Mr. Nagaraju M. Thagaduru – Setting the Pace with the Fastest English Alphabet Recitation Introduction: Meet Mr. Nagaraju M. Thagaduru, a remarkable individual hailing from the enchanting city of Mysuru, located in the state of Karnataka, India. His exceptional talent and lightning-fast abilities have earned him a well-deserved place in the prestigious Bravo International Book […]

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Fastest Wiggles Both the Ears For The 78 Times in Just 30 Seconds

Anil Kumar The Batman of India, Mr. Anil Kumar has entered into the Bravo International Book Of World Record Of ” The Fastest Wiggles Both Ears 78 Times In 30 Seconds”. The young man from Delhi has a great passion for acting and fine arts, and he desires to establish and break records on subjects […]

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Fastest Tie Knot In The World (5 Seconds)

Master Nakshtra Kulshrestha from Raipur, State of Chhattisgarh, India has performed an Official World Record Attempt in the Month of March 2022. He has tied a Knot in just 5 Seconds, which is the fastest in this world. Team Bravo International, after observing the entire evidence submitted by guardians of Master Nakshtra Kulshreshta Officially announces […]

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Youngest Memory Wizard Fastest Reciting Capitals

Baby Vaishnavi Srivastava, From Jaunpur, Uttar Pradesh, India Honored With The Title Of ‘Youngest Memory Wizard’ She Recited All The Indian States, Capitals, Territories And All The 196 CountriesAnd Its Capitals In 3 Minutes And 21 Seconds. She Was The Fastest To Recall The Capitals When Record Was Made. Team Bravo International Congratulates Her And […]

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