Biggest Painting of Ancient Mahabharata Story Made by an Individual

Hema Trehan The Mahabharata is an ancient religious book that depicts the battle between truth and righteousness versus unfaithfulness and betrayal. Mahabharata has ruled over people’s minds and hearts for centuries. Many artists dared to draw the various events described in this book, but Miss Hema Trehan has a distinct style. She was awarded the […]

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Carving Out All Olympic Medal Winners Names On Pencil Wood

Oviya M. Murugavel K. Oviya M. Murugavel K. Got appreciated and Nominated for Bravo international Book Of World Record for ‘Carving Out All Olympic Medal Winners Names On Pencil Wood’. Oviya carved each name on each pencil, Which Is Of Total 16 Name’s Carved On 16 Pencils It Took her 2 Days To Completely Carve […]

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Drawing of Gandhiji In 2 Square cm In Just 26 Seconds

Revanna Donagi Revanna Donagi, A just 10 years old, with gifted skills in Micro Arts from Vijayapura, State of Karnataka, India got nominated for ‘Drawing of Gandhiji in 2 Square cm in just 26 seconds’. Team bravo International is looking forward to congratulate him and his parents for raising such a brilliant talent. We wish […]

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30 EMU Egg with Beautiful Pictures

Kasula Padmavathi Miss Kasula Padmavathi from Hyderabad, State of Telangana, India got nominated for Bravo International Book Of World Record’s Asian Sub-Continental Edition 2020 for ‘30 EMU Egg with Beautiful Pictures’. She is keen and enthusiastic to explore various avenues in the extraordinary field of Arts. Team Bravo Congratulates her for her confirmed Entry into […]

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