Seven Vibgyor Musings

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Miss Surabhi Naik

Miss Surabhi Naik from Maharashtra, India has received the Bravo International World record for creating a unique kind of Seven VIBGYOR Musing for the seven colors of the rainbow. 

The Book Is Based On The Theme Rainbow, In The Second Person, Talking To The Rainbow. It’s A Rainbow Colored Book. 

1. The pages of the book are made up of 7 strips of 7 rainbows in the VIBGYOR pattern that is violet, indigo, blue, green, yellow, orange, and Red. 

2. There are 7 lines in every musing each starting with ‘Rainbow dear rainbow’. 

3. One page comprises 7 rainbows either in horizontal or vertical style in an alternate fashion with the write-up on it. 

5. The first, third and last word of every musing contains the word rainbow.
There is a total of seven musings in the book of the SEVEN VIBGYOR MUSINGS for the seven colors of the rainbow. 

Team Bravo International Congratulate her for her achievement 

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