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Rishav Banerjee

The 1st Indo-Russian Edition “THE SILICON AGE OF LITERATURE” is an outstanding International book assembled by the well-known International Author & International LGBTQQIP2SA+ Activist Rishav Banerjee in partnership with prominent International figure Alexander Kabishev from Saint Petersburg, Russia.

The Silicon age of literature? What’s it? This is a period in history, culture and creativity that is emerging before our eyes in the works and thoughts of contemporaries, primarily in fiction. The Silicon Age is closely linked to the new literary trends that have emerged in the 21st century. The turn of the century gave birth to a huge number of poets and writers.

The first Indo-Russian works of the 50 authors of this collection reflect the problems of modernity and unpredictability of the century, as well as the challenges that it poses to man. Writers and poets in their works showed a mood of anxiety and loneliness, reflection, hope, doubt and faith.

Whatever happens in our century, this book has united us and will always do in the future. The book and it’s Author got Nominated for Bravo International Book Of World Record for this outstanding contribution in the field of Literature and specially LGBTQQIP2SA Literature.

Team Bravo International congratulates Mr. Rishav Banerjee for his Achievement

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