Magic of Neuroscience by Francis Dcosta

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Dr. Francis Dcosta

Dr. Francis Dcosta from Mumbai, India is a self published author, published a book ‘Magic of Neuro Science’, This book is all about gaining happiness and fulfillment in life. One of the unique feature if this book is after publishing of the book for next 5 consistent days book was Rated #01 on Amazon Kindle.

Author compiled this book under very tough emotional conditions, his father was hospitalized and he needs to be with him into the hospital with his father. He has observed many pains and sorrow of others during that period, He has mentioned many such incidences and experience during those days. He felt that there is a need to write a book and communicate to the world that we all can be happy even in crises situation by applying latest tools of neuroscience. This book was written in hospital premises.

The book got appreciated from Bravo International and Author’s name entered into Bravo International Book Of World Record.

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