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Incredible Memory Demonstration by 2 Years and 11 Months Old Child


Congratulations on your incredible success..! Our beloved son is appreciated and nominated for Bravo International Book of World Records Asian Subcontinental edition 2023 for ” Incredible Memory Demonstration by 2 Years 11 months old Child as Master VIRAN H G”.

 Viran is able to recite and identified the names of the Countries’ flags- 54, Planets &Space-27, Internal body parts-27, External Body parts-27, Freedom fighters-27 Inventions & Scientists- 30, My first word-27, color &Shape- 27, Actions- 27, Animal & Their Babies- 27, Vehicle & Transportation- 27
Flowers – 27, Vegetables – 27, Professions -27, Animals-27, wonders of the World -27, Fruits- 27, Comic Characters-6, Famous Personalities – 24, Musical Instruments 14,
Birds-29, he recited Alphabets A-Z, Kannada Varnamala from A to La, 1-10numbers in English, Kannada, and 1-20 numbers in Hindi, Sanskrit Schlokas-4, English Rhymes, Days of the week.. he answered more than 110 questions which includes National symbols of India, country states and capitals, ministers, 4mins in the shortest period of time.

We are tremendously pleased to be selected to receive the Bravo International Book of World Records. This remarkable accomplishment is just one step on his journey.
We are incredibly proud of you VIRAN..!

Place: Shivamogga, Karnataka, India
Parent’s name: Harsha T &Vidya H M

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