Trained Highest No.OF High School Students To How To Face Exam Stress and Get Inspiration to Write Exams Confidently 

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How To Face Exams without Stress, Fear and Get Inspired to Write Exams Confidently

Subheading: The Inspiring Journey of Mr. Nandeesh B B Shettar, Setting Records and Empowering Students

In the bustling state of Karnataka, one man has made an indelible mark on the education landscape, transforming the lives of numerous students and breaking records in the process. Meet Mr. Nandeesh B B Shettar, a true educationist and mentor, who has earned an official entry into the Prestigious Bravo International Book Of World Records for the record title of ‘Training the Highest Number of SSLC Students.’ Through his dedicated efforts, he has not only helped students excel academically but also instilled in them the courage to face exams without stress and fear.

A Visionary Educator’s Journey:

Mr. Nandeesh B B Shettar’s journey as an educator began with a dream – a dream to create an education system where students could conquer their exams with confidence, without succumbing to stress and anxiety. His journey was not without challenges, but with unwavering determination, he established himself as a respected and influential figure in the education domain.

Empowering Students:

The hallmark of Mr. Shettar’s teaching methodology lies in his unwavering belief in the potential of each student. He firmly believes that every student possesses unique strengths and talents, waiting to be nurtured and unleashed. Instead of focusing solely on rote learning, he emphasizes conceptual understanding, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills. By cultivating a strong foundation in the subject matter, students feel empowered and prepared to tackle any question that comes their way during examinations.

Creating a Supportive Environment:

One of the critical aspects of Mr. Shettar’s success as an educator is the creation of a supportive and encouraging environment in his classrooms. He understands that students often face immense pressure from parents, society, and their own expectations. Hence, he ensures that his classrooms are safe spaces where students can freely express themselves and seek clarification without fear of judgment. This nurturing atmosphere fosters a positive learning experience, promoting healthy academic growth.

Techniques to Overcome Exam Stress:

Mr. Shettar firmly believes that exam stress is not an insurmountable obstacle; rather, it can be managed effectively through strategic techniques. He imparts his students with valuable tools to tackle stress and fear during exams:

  1. Proper Time Management: Encouraging students to create a study timetable that allows them to cover the entire syllabus without feeling overwhelmed.
  2. Revision and Practice: Emphasizing the importance of regular revision and solving previous year question papers to build confidence.
  3. Mindfulness and Meditation: Introducing students to mindfulness and meditation techniques to calm their minds and stay focused.
  4. Positive Affirmations: Instilling positive self-talk to boost confidence and self-belief.
  5. Seek Support: Encouraging students to seek support from teachers, parents, and peers whenever needed, to overcome challenges.

The Inspirational Recognition:

Mr. Nandeesh B B Shettar’s remarkable contribution to the field of education earned him recognition from the Karnataka Government. Sri Smt. Lakshmi Hebbalkar, the Women and Child Welfare Minister, felicitated him, acknowledging his dedication to transforming students’ lives. Furthermore, Shri Prakash Koliwada Ranebennur, MLA @ Bengaluru Vidhana Soudha, also honored Mr. Shettar for his outstanding achievements.


Mr. Nandeesh B B Shettar’s journey from a visionary educator to a record-holder in the Prestigious Bravo International Book Of World Records stands as an inspiration to all. His approach to education and exam preparation has not only enabled students to perform exceptionally well but has also instilled in them the confidence to face exams fearlessly. With educators like him leading the way, the future of Karnataka’s education system looks brighter than ever, empowering students to realize their full potential and overcome any obstacle that comes their way.

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