World’s Most Blood Donated By An Individual

Achievers Awareness Extra Ordinary Skills

Mahamandaleshwar Sant Kamal Kishore

People are more aware of the importance of blood donation since Covid. The case study of Mahamandaleshwar Sant Kamal Kishore, on the other hand, is slightly different. He holds the world’s largest blood donation record. He has been donating blood on a regular basis since he was 18 years old. Blood donation awareness was not at its peak at the time, and most literate people were also hesitant about donating blood. This young man (then) took the pledge to donate his blood on a regular basis, and this has continued to this day.

Sant Kamal Kishore has already made the record with his 144th-time blood donation, now he is breaking his own record with his 152nd-time blood donation in November 2022.

We, The team at Prestigious Bravo International congratulate him for his contribution towards community health by doing a blood donation which makes him the world’s most Blood Donation man from India.

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