Completed Three phd’s in Three Consecutive Years From Three Different Universities

Dr. Lal Tanwani In an extraordinary display of academic prowess, Dr. Lal Tanwani has shattered records by successfully completing three PhDs within a span of just three consecutive years. This remarkable achievement has not only caught the attention of the academic community but also serves as an inspiration to aspiring scholars worldwide. Dr. Tanwani’s academic […]

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Fastest Round Trip Motorcycle Expedition Across Indian Coastal States By a Couple

Tapas Paul Mr. Tapas Paul of Sarsona, Kolkata, India, and his wife are the first couple from Kolkata to complete the Fastest Round Trip on Motor Cycle Expedition Across India’s Coastal States. Team Bravo International Congratulates him and his wife for this wonderful achievement. Download QR

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Innovation in Spiritual Healing System

Spirituality and healing are inextricably linked; Asia has long been known for its sages, particularly India, which has a rich heritage of Spiritual Teaching and Healing through Spiritual powers, which is now accepted by the Western world. Mrs. Garima Agarwal of Kolkata, West Bengal, India is one such Spiritual Healer in the country who spreads […]

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First Poetry Book on Agricultural Main Cereal, Pulses, Oilseeds and Fodder Crops

Dr. Vijay Kumar Kaushik Dr. Vijay Kumar Kaushik from Karnal, State of Haryana, India, is a Senior Research Scientist mainly focuses on agriculture from KVK Karnal Of CCS Haryana Agricultural University, Hisar, Haryana (India). His book has got entered into Bravo International Book Of World Record which is first ever poetry book ‘Krishi Kavya Dhara’ […]

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World’s Most Blood Donated By An Individual

Mahamandaleshwar Sant Kamal Kishore People are more aware of the importance of blood donation since Covid. The case study of Mahamandaleshwar Sant Kamal Kishore, on the other hand, is slightly different. He holds the world’s largest blood donation record. He has been donating blood on a regular basis since he was 18 years old. Blood […]

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Biggest Painting of Ancient Mahabharata Story Made by an Individual

Hema Trehan The Mahabharata is an ancient religious book that depicts the battle between truth and righteousness versus unfaithfulness and betrayal. Mahabharata has ruled over people’s minds and hearts for centuries. Many artists dared to draw the various events described in this book, but Miss Hema Trehan has a distinct style. She was awarded the […]

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Only Journalist In The World To Score a Century of Blood Donation

Mr. Dilip Kothawade Mr. Dilip Kothawade from Nashik, Maharashtra, India has become world’s first Journalist who donate his blood for more then 100 times, yes, His dedication is amazing and he did is consistently for decades. He has received the Bravo International Book OF World Record with the hands of Deputy Chief Minister Mr. Devendra […]

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