Paint Many Paintings to Bring Awareness


Vaddi Sudhakar

The year 2020 has many colors in its rainbow, few are bright so few are dark. Darkness in emotions is regarded as evil in our culture, moreover, Corona Virus Disease which started in late 2019 in many countries entered India in late January 2020.

And as a result, many people became ill.  Social organizations and NGOs started their support work on the grassroots level, while the government was busy eradicating the effects of COVID-19 from the Nationwide Lockdown.  Mr. Vaddi Sudhakar, an artist with a different kind of vision, come up with an amazing idea to create awareness among the masses by drawing different paintings. He got the limelight due to his uniqueness and got appreciated and Nominated for Bravo International Book Of World Record’s AsianSub-Continental Edition 2020. Team Bravo International Congratulates him for his Entry into Bravo International Family.

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