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World’s Most Unique Property Sale Deeds


Dr. Arun Lahoti Advocate

Since ancient times, people used to write agreements to avoid conflicts, In earlier times when paper was not invented or was not of that quality to rely on because sometimes we have to keep and refer to it after decades or in a few cases after centuries.
Not with the advancement of technology we humans have developed many varieties of papers which can be preserved for centuries.
In this time, if you hear someone is using Palm leaf or cloth, or gold or silver to write and make a deed, what will you feel?

Isn’t it amazing? Yes Advocate Dr. Arun Lahoti from Surat, Gujarat did the same. He has done Four types of Unique property sale deed( Different Languages/Palm Leaf/Gold-Silver-Diamond/Cloth )*
1- He has done property sale deeds in different languages- English, Hindi, Sanskrit, and Gujarati in the year 2010 to 2012.
2- He has done a property sale deed on a Palm Leaf in the year 2017.
3 He has done the most expensive property sale deed which is on Gold/Silver/Diamond in the year 2018.
4 Have done a property sale deed on Cloth in the year 2019.
All the above property sale deed is unique and no. 2-3-4 are the World’s first and unique sale deed.

Team Bravo International Congratulates him for his appreciation and Nomination into the Bravo International Book Of World Record’s Asian Sub-Continental Edition 2020.

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