A Unique Anthology The Tri-Colour Of The Book Symbolizes Our Indian Flag

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Somya Tyagi

Love and dedication to the country are the base of his/ her patriotism, Miss Somya Tyagi from Sambhal, Uttar Pradesh, India compiled a book to show her patriotism with the art and science of written expression. She inspired almost 16 talented writers to contribute to her goal and they all collectively compiled a book anthology called ‘वंदे मातरम

‘A Unique Anthology’. The Tri-Colour Of The Book Symbolizes Our Indian Flag. Where Saffron Denotes The Courage And Strength. White Denotes The Peace. Green Denotes The Fertility, Growth, And Auspiciousness Of Land.

The Concept was really amazing and creative as well. Team Bravo International not only appreciated it but also added it to the upcoming ‘Bravo International Book Of World Records -2021.

Team Bravo International Congratulates her and other contributors for their Official entry into the record book.

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