An Anthology Compiled ‘Mute Partners’

Achievers Anthology Authors

Ahshaas Hussain

Ahshaas Hussain got nominated for Bravo International Book Of World Records Asian Sub-Continental Edition 2021 for An Anthology Compiled, ‘Mute Partners’ having open letters addressed to non-living objects.

Mute Partners is an anthology, compiled by Ahshaas Hussain. This is a tribute to all the lifeless objects, which have an essence of life in them. Twenty-five amazing writers have contributed their literary works in the form of open letters and have written on 40+ objects, making this anthology unique and special in every way possible. It took approximately 5 months to complete this anthology, which will be published under the banner of Spectrum of Thoughts (Anthology Department of Fanatixx Publication). (ISBN Number- 978-93-90451-51-7)

Team Bravo International congratulates him and his entire team for this achievement.

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