Author / Pharmacist for her Published Professional Experiences & Memories Named O. P. TICKET in International Standards 

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Miss Asha Mano

Ms. Asha Mano Has Created Her Memoir, “O.P Ticket”, Published By Haritham Books, From Her Memories While Engaged As A Pharmacist. 

She took delight in being the first pharmacist in the world to write memories about her life and experiences working in a hospital pharmacy in a printed book format. She is happy to report that on February 14, 2021, my memoir was released at the Government Guest House in Alappuzha by Dr. Thomas Isaac, Finance Minister (in 2021), of the Keralan government.

She has a plan to stick with her writing as she enjoyed world-building with compassion and caring for human beings. The Crux of this book is more focused on her memories that make others to care. She was able to share her interpretations of experience as a pharmacist and a human being.

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