Excellence in Academics for Cognitive & Social Development

Achievers Awareness Education

Dr. Rudrarup Gupta

Dr. Rudrarup Gupta a high-end Academic Scholar, Researcher, Thought-Provoking Educationist, Reviewer, Editor, and a masterly global accelerator all over the globe. He has already been able to re-entrench the desired academic richness not only for the booming researchers but for the phenomenal educational splendor, which shall undoubtedly be the victorious pathway in all regards.

According to his envision, he has innovated the infinite need for global sustainability through his worthy humanity and the encyclopedic Cognitive reflections already. That is why he has entrenched the spirited
educational supremacy through his extensive research and the Prodigious communal harmony along with my heartfelt learning and his heartwarming celerity for the common people of every individual class.
It has really fitted this present occupational standing all over the globe.

out an awe-inspiring profanity in our mutual resplendence of culture not only to ensure our upstanding communal existence but to evolve our global dexterity alongside the paramount desire in enriching our
“Sustainable Development Goals”.

Team Bravo International Congratulate him for his confirmed nomination into Bravo International Book Of World Record’s Asian Sub-Continental Edition 2020.

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