Youngest Memory Wizard (At The Age Of 17 Months)

Achievers Art & Craft Extra Ordinary Skills Kids

Baby Anvvikka Sethi From Delhi, Is Just 17 Months Old With Phenomenal Memory Power. She Has Been Recognized For Her Skills To Memorize Fast And Recall Even Faster, Amazing!

Team Bravo International Congratulates Her Parents Pratibha Sethi And Gaurhav Sethi For Such A Wonderful Upbringing.

Anvvikka Sethi Can Identify And Recite Many Things Like 10+Fruits, 10+Vegetables, 18+ Animals, Alphabets (A-R), Counting Till 1-10, 6 Colours, Body Parts, 10 Deities, Assorted Vocabulary, 10 Vehicles, 8+ Cartoon Characters, Identify All Her Cartoon Stuff Toys Name, Can Name 5 Oceans Of The World, Identify Few Of The Various Popular Sculptures & Towers In The World.

Team Bravo Congratulates Her And Her Family For Official Entry Into the Bravo International Book Of World Records.

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