A Man with Multifaceted Personality “Social Entrepreneurship”

Achievers Social Work

Bravo International has a tradition to recognize and appreciate the real human potential, The World is facing many challenges now and we need back our heroes who are now in peace somewhere deep into the sky.

History writes it’s a course on a daily basis, Nelson Mandela, Mahatma Gandhi, Abraham Lincoln, Vinoba Bhave, Sir Syed Ahmed Khan, who were they, they were a very ordinary person like us, but their work, their passion for serving humanity made them immortal.

Today Bravo International is appreciating and recognizing one more Hero of society Mr. Firoz Khan.

He is the founder and chairman of the Peace Foundation, which is actively involved in many social initiatives worldwide.

Whether it’s about the environment, or about human or animal life. His team is dedicated to working and serving under his guidance. Since the conception of the NGO, they have accomplished many herculean tasks to serve society.

Team Bravo International feels proud to announce his entry into the Bravo International Book of World Record’s Asian Sub-Continental Edition 2020. Congratulations

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